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Space Availability - East Cleveland Public Library

General Policy

The purpose of the library’s meeting rooms is to provide a space for library and library-related activities.  The needs of the library and Friends of the East Cleveland Public Library take precedence.  

The library welcomes the use of its 3 meeting rooms during regular library hours. If meeting rooms are in demand, the library may limit an organization’s requests to one reservation per month. Meeting room applicants must assume responsibility for the Conditions of Use. Meeting rooms are intended to be a venue for meetings and special programs.

  • Groups may reserve meeting rooms free of charge 12 times a year. This includes educational, cultural, civic, political, professional, community, governmental or religious organizations (must have a permanent place of worship outside the library.)  
  1. A fee will be accessed if room is damaged and not cleaned up
  • Groups may request a private meeting space for a fee- Private defined by ECPL is where access is totally limited to whom is invited
  1. A fee will be accessed if room is damaged and not cleaned up

Meeting rooms may be scheduled up to three months in advance but must be submitted two weeks in advance.  Meeting room applications are submitted online at ( The library will acknowledge receipt of applications within three business days.  All applications are pending until approved by the library. Meeting rooms must be cancelled 24 hours in advance via the libcal email.

  • The library recognizes the rights of individuals or groups to express their views if they abide by the library’s guidelines concerning use of the meeting rooms.

Large meeting rooms are equipped with multi-media presentation equipment for projection from ECPL laptops or personal laptops. Mobile multi-media equipment may be reserved for use in the smaller meeting rooms.

The library reserves the right to revoke permission to use any meeting room if library rules and policies are violated.

Centers and meeting rooms at the Main Library are available:

Monday -Thursday, Saturday


Friday, Sunday


   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding